Who in Their Right Mind Would Invest in SEO???

Search engine optimization is a costly digital marketing campaign that many business owners have different opinions on. Some business owners swear by its effectiveness in their businesses' growth, while others ask, “Is SEO worth the money.” They ask this because they have access to other marketing strategies that are much cheaper than SEO without considering its advantages over other strategies.

Other marketing strategies are not only cheaper, but they also do their job of reaching more people. That thought alone can keep businesses from investing in SEO. Still, they fail to consider the different benefits of search engine optimization compared to other strategies.

Using SEO online marketing techniques drives high-quality traffic to a business’s website by allowing the people interested in its services to find the site. It works by optimizing the site around relevant search phrases and the user’s search intent. But this takes time and costs a lot of money to produce results, while other marketing techniques cost less at the cost of the quality traffic.

The high-quality traffic driven to the site translates to website clicks and can potentially lead to more revenue. SEO drives traffic to a site by ranking it naturally for relevant searches, different from paid ranking, where business buy their spot at the top of a search engine's results pages. Many businesses will likely favor paid ads over SEO because consumers typically trust a naturally ranking site more.

Because many businesses want instant results, they will likely opt for a PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaign than an SEO campaign. The only problem is that the results of a PPC campaign are short-term, as the ads will disappear after the campaign ends. However, an SEO campaign's benefits stick around, especially if the campaign is sustained once the site lands on the first pages of the search engine results pages.

The only reason a business would not want to invest in SEO is if they do not have the budget and must resort to cheaper alternatives. Any other likely reason is that they do not care for long-term results that can help them get ahead of their competitors.

For more information on who would invest in SEO, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.

Infographic Source: https://landauconsulting.com/who-in-their-right-mind-would-invest-in-seo/

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