Guide to Diabetes: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

 Diabetes is known as one of the most common diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 422 million individuals are diagnosed with this condition. The majority of these cases can be found in low- and middle-income countries. Over 1.6 million deaths due to diabetes occur per year, indicating that the illness poses severe threats to the public’s health.

To show you how prevalent diabetes is, studies point out that 1 out of 5 Filipinos are either diabetic or are already on their way to becoming one. If you want to avoid this condition at all costs, you’ll need to start taking preventive measures today. Apart from getting enough exercise and going for healthy food choices, gaining a better understanding of diabetes should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Being aware of the types, causes, and treatment methods of the condition will be vital in securing your health. Our guide will discuss the A to Zs of diabetes to help you avoid or manage the disease.

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