6 Potential Benefits of Terpenes

 Terpenes are highly potent compounds that have continuously gained legitimacy in the medical field. Due to their ability to influence flavors and smells, they have become vital ingredients in all sorts of food and household products. Fast forward to this day, the latest medical studies have found that terpene ingestion can offer various benefits to one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

For starters, terpenes such as limonene were found to possess anti-inflammatory agents. When faced with swelling or body aches, users were able to alleviate discomfort by applying limonene-rich products to affected areas. On the other hand, pinene is popularly known for its anti-cancer agents. By triggering certain chemical reactions in the body, its contents can potentially control the production of cancer cells.  

While terpenes aren’t alternatives to modern medicine, ideal ingestion can make a massive difference to your health. If you want to learn more, the infographic below will discuss the different benefits of terpenes. 

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