Redefining Consumer Experiences Post-Lockdown

 Explore ID Agency’s latest infographic on Redefining Consumer Experiences Post-Lockdown. It features key insights from our in-depth analysis of brand experiences and what consumers expectations will be like in 2021. Including statistics as part of our independent survey of over 340 UK consumers who shared their views on engaging with brands in the future. 

The infographic also covered questions about digital experiences in lockdown and whether they compare to live events. Our data shows exactly what consumers want to see and gives brands a chance to better prepare when delivering new campaigns! It explores the value of outdoor events in the summer, such as festivals, markets and fairs as well as the types of experiences audiences want to attend. 

Another part focuses on the most appealing sectors for new events and the distance audiences are willing to travel. This helps brands to plan ahead and understand where they need to deliver experiences to reach their customers.

 Check out the full report here

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