Crafting for Mental Health and Stress Management During Lockdown

 In our recent blog post 'Crafting for Mental Health and Stress Management During Lockdown' over on, we explored the relationship between creativity, mental health maintenance, and stress reduction. We also used the global lockdown as a case study. 

We first looked at existing studies relating to crafting and art-making and how creative activities can: 

  • reduce stress
  • help people stay mentally healthy 
  • help many to cope during turbulent or unexpected life changes

After noticing a sharp increase (113%) in our craft-related products' sales over the global 2020 lockdown(s), we reached out to the blogging/crafting community to find out more. It seemed like there was a link between the increase in sales and people occupying themselves during the stay-at-home orders. 

We gathered first-hand accounts, and it turned out many were also using creative self-expression to cope during the pandemic: an unexpected and stressful time for many.

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