Re-Examining Retail

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s fair to say that the retail sector has faced some challenges throughout the last year. As a result, our client FM Outsource was keen to explore the lasting impact it has had for retailers and what the future holds for online shopping.

 The infographic design shares their in-depth analysis of the retail industry and highlights some interesting consumers expectations for 2021. In particular, it features a range of insightful data and statistics from our industry experts who recently conducted a survey report, which involved 300 consumers.

 They were questioned on their use of online retailers during the last year as well as their feelings about the online retail transformation. It covers their views of online retail and how well their personal experience with online customer service has been managed. 

The infographic also covers information about their general attitude towards online retail and their consumer needs. In return, FM Outsource hopes that this will give retailers a better understanding of their customers' requirements in order to deliver a better experience. 

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