How to Evaluate the Performance of Your Remote Workers

 While remote work models have long been in use worldwide, the recent COVID-19 outbreak prompted a massive shift, from onsite operations to working remotely. Due to the unexpectedness of this change, many companies were ill-equipped to manage workers remotely and evaluate remote work productivity. 

With monitoring and evaluation playing significant roles in understanding, motivating, and encouraging employees, companies must reframe their perspectives.

The biggest change in shifting from a traditional office setup to a remote work one is the decrease in control. The less rigid structure means that some employees may use their hours to do non-work tasks. As it is near impossible to control this behavior, management should instead emphasize overall output when it comes to performance evaluation.

Setting clear goals and objectives, combined with using technology like video conferencing and task tracking apps, creates the means necessary to monitor output. Leverage the increase of collaborative efforts by seeking feedback from other team members and the employee’s self-evaluation. These will give the insight needed to gauge productivity and adjust management strategies accordingly.

Remote performance evaluations follow the same kind of logic, putting an employee’s strengths and weaknesses in the spotlight, along with their achievements. Creating a two-way dialogue during these reviews can help both parties identify any problems and enact solutions that work.

While there may be an overall decline in performance due to this transition, using management strategies that account for remote work’s quirks is a step towards long-term success and growth for everyone.

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