Battery-related incidents on passenger planes

 This infographic showcases the evolution of battery-related incidents on board of passenger planes starting with the year 2006. The data collected by the FAA clearly shows an increase of battery-related incidents starting with 2015. We can notice a clear increase in yearly reported cases starting with 2015 onwards. This is most likely due to the ever-increasing number of batter-related devices that people take with them during their travels. 

In terms of data breakdown, some of the airlines with the highest number of reported incidents are Delta, Southwestern, and United. While the items most often linked to being the source of the incidents as power banks, vaping devices, laptops, and tablets. Seeing this data, it is easy to understand why the FAA and TSA have imposed restrictions on flying with batteries on domestic can international flights. For example, the maximum allowed capacity for batteries that can be taken on passenger planes is 100Wh. 

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