Why spend precious time creating resume?

 The first biggest hurdle that a job seeker wishes to cross is getting his or her resume shortlisted. Though the importance of this hurdle is known, the fact that it is so rare for a resume to get short-listed is often under-estimated. In reality, the fact that only as few as 2% resumes get short-listed is a wake up call for someone who wishes to get a new job.

Recruiting managers and HR managers typically have made their decisions within the first minute of opening the resume. Less than 20% resumes get only 30s to prove their worth. All these facts in a visually appealing infographic is useful for someone to understand the importance of spending quality time on preparing their resumes and also retaining the information. In fact, it is so easily presented, sharing it with friends and family will be a good idea.

In order to prepare a resume that truly stands out, it is important to think deeper into your past experiences - also called reflection. Reflection helps a job seeker, see the experience in different ways i.e. geography specific, company stage specific, people handling specific, coordination / program management specific etc. 

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