5 Steps to Use Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

1. Shake Type
There are different types of shakes, such as dairy or gluten-free. There are even shakes for paleo-friendly and keto-friendly diets. If you want a shake that's low in calories and sugar, that's possible as well. It's possible to make plant-based shakes with no chemical additives.

2. Protein
Protein is important as it helps to build and repair tissue. Your hair and bones are also made from protein, which also promotes fullness. Whey and casein protein comes from milk and contains lactose. Soy, pea, hemp, and brown rice are excellent dairy-free alternatives.

3. Add-ins
What add-ins are you looking for in your shakes? Dietary fiber helps control weight, helps digestion, and makes you feel full faster. Probiotics support gut and immune health while vitamins and minerals, such as those found in superfoods, are vital for complete body and mind health.

4. Be Creative
It's okay to be creative with your shake, taste is as important as the benefits gained. Do you want a little peanut butter or collagen powder along with your fruits and vegetables?

5. Routine
Set a routine with your shakes. If you are looking to maintain your weight, then you may only want one meal replacement shake. These also make for an energizing snack before or after you exercise.
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