Sitechecker research: The Most Common SEO mistakes

"Making SEO errors in this marketing strategy can result in Google search engine algorithms penalizing the website by bumping it down to lower rankings. Thus, it is important to identify the most common mistakes with the intention to avoid them early on before you go in too deep your SEO strategy. Here are mistakes business owners and marketers are prone to make according to results of research conducted by SiteChecker.

SiteChecker used 52,000 audits conducted on its platform and analyzed 6 million websites pages to identify the most common SEO mistakes business owners and marketers make. The most common SEO errors you might make are categorized into three types:

  • Technical SEO mistakes
  • Errors with on-page SEO
  • Crawlablity errors

By auditing your site regularly, you will identify these mistakes early and fix them before they cause an SEO dilemma for the business and lowers the website performance.

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