Proper Tattoo Aftercare: Make Your Tattoo Look Good Forever!

Want to know the secret to a good-looking tattoo? Well, to be honest, it’s not really a secret. Your tattooist is going to tell you what to do and maybe even give you an aftercare sheet. It’s pretty standard amongst professional tattooists and tattoo parlours – in the UK at least. If your tattooist forgets, don’t be shy and ask for aftercare tips.

That said, this infographic should you help you out. In the beginning, you need to religiously keep the wounded area clean. Put a thin layer of healing ointment to protect your tatt from the elements. When it starts to scab and itch (and it will!), resist the urge to do so. When it starts to peel off, leave the skin alone, and wait for it to fall off naturally.

From day 1 all the way up to day 30 – and beyond – we’ve got the tips for you. Follow everything we listed on the graphic and you’d see a marked difference in your tattoo versus uncared for tattoos!

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