Small Data is BIG!

Big data has been at the top of the priority list of most global companies in recent years. The term refers to the collection and analysis of large data sets to spot trends that ultimately lead to more efficient business operations or new insights with increased revenues.

While the term often applies to large enterprises, small businesses can also stand to benefit from the “small data” that they have by partnering with IT solutions companies. These experts can provide tailor-made functions using Microsoft Access – allowing for automation of most common data management tasks.

Small Data may pale in comparison to Big Data volume-wise, but for small businesses, one can already consider it big, especially since Small Data is about data regarding a company’s customers, suppliers, inventory, and employees.

Small Data is vital for the day-to-day operations of small companies, so automating its entry into the database is necessary to ensure its accuracy and integrity. But while hiring an in-house developer might not be a viable solution for many small companies, they can use the cost-effective services of outside data management experts to build the functions they need to automate in Microsoft Access.
Even small companies’ Small Data can be considered big, and Landau Consulting’s infographic can give more information regarding this.

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