20 Christmas Wreath Ideas to Try

Christmas wreaths carry symbolic meanings across different cultures. In fact, the origin of wreaths dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman periods where people would handcraft wreaths out of twigs, fresh leaves, flowers, and fruits as a representation of power and status.

Another school of thought believes that Christians have long used wreaths to reflect eternal life since the circle shape is said to indicate the immortality of Jesus. Regardless of your belief, the fact remains that Christmas wreaths have grown to be an important element when it comes to holiday decorations.

During holidays, you’d often seen rounded fir embellished with pinecones, flowers and adorable pieces hanged on the walls and doors. This type of wreath uses the most common materials and approaches. But modernity, together with creativity, had paved the way for other tricks and techniques to beautify your wreath. Here we’ve rounded up 20 ways to pump up your wreath-decorating routine this season!

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