Women vs Men in Entrepreneurship

According to the findings by Zervant, a free invoicing software for entrepreneurs, women and men are different when it comes to entrepreneurship. While 42% of women say they could imagine becoming an entrepreneur vs. 56% of men, only about a third of entrepreneurs are women. Women tend to run smaller companies compared to their male counterparts.

Industries are also often quite different. Women tend to run companies in healthcare or personal services while men dominate industries such as construction and energy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, gender of the founder correlates quite strongly with the gender of the employees. This can be seen as being linked to the industry: women tend to work and found companies in certain industries, and men in others.

The small size of the company and a female leader seem to correlate with pay equality: both sexes get paid more equally. All entrepreneurs are different and while gender certainly can explain some differences, the topic is significantly more nuanced.
Infographic Source: https://www.zervant.com/en/news/infographic-men-vs-women-in-entrepreneurship/
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