Phrases from across the world

Find below the most recent infographic supplied by ROL Cruise, the UK’s number 1 cruise specialists offering cruise experiences across the globe. The infographic is titled ‘Phrases from across the world’ and includes some of the most famous and quirky idioms from a selection of countries suggested by out contributing bloggers and travel experts. With phrases like ‘Give pumpkins to someone’, ‘The demon of midday’ and ‘To swallow some camels’ all included as well as a plethora of other idioms in the accompanying article, you’re not going to be short of things to say on your next cruising adventure that are bound to impress the locals.

Read the infographic before planning your next cruising adventure, learn some of the world’s favourite phrases and put some into practice yourself. With features from France, Spain, Greece and Russia as well as some other exciting countries, there is an idiom out there for everyone.

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