Cost of an Uber Ride Vs. DUI: Which Can You Afford?

This infographic, created by the law practice of Erin Field, looks at the true costs of a DUI. Many people may not think much about driving while tipsy, but they don’t realize that getting a DUI can have long-term disastrous impacts on a person’s life. When you drive buzzed, you’re putting your life as well as the lives of others in danger. But even if no one is hurt, you can still get a DUI, which can impact your education, employment opportunities, and reputation for years to come. You can even get jail time for repeat offenses.

This infographic compares the costs of simply calling a ride share service to take you home vs. dealing with the financial and emotional fallout of getting a DUI. Did you know that a DUI can cost up to 8,000 in Connecticut? And that doesn’t even include the money you lose in employment opportunities, lawyer fees, and other costs associated with getting a DUI. This infographic helps college students and others understand why it makes so much more sense to simply spend the few extra dollars to call a rideshare service than to drive drunk and risk getting a DUI.

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