Finding the Right Wall Sconces: Your Complete Buying Guide

Does your home either feel a little plain or look a bit too dark at night? You might need some home décor that provides both ample light and extra flair. However, a simple bulb or fluorescent tube might not cut it for you. Why not check out some lovely wall sconces?

Wall sconce are essentially light sources affixed to a wall. However, you’ll be surprised at the huge range of wall sconces that can complete your home’s look and feel. A complete buying guide can help you greatly if you want to find the right sconces fast.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look any further than the infographic below! This buying guide for wall sconces lists down the most common types, designs, lighting configurations, and more. Will your sconces have to be battery-operated, or can you go for plug-in lights instead? Would a flush mount sconce or a half-moon sconce look better in your living room? Are you going for a traditional design, a contemporary style, or something in between?

Aside from enumerating your options for indoor sconces, this infographic also has a section all about outdoor lights. This is one buying guide you’ll want to bookmark for future reference!

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