Video Analytics for Retail

Video Analytics can track people, objects, paths, count people who crossed a virtual line, can measure how long people stay in an area, and track purchase data live or in recorded footage. Tracking people means that it can watch where individuals are going, tracking an object can be tracked by its shape or color.  All of this reduces loss and shrinkages. A feature of video analytics is that it may have heat mapping analytics which can show heavily trafficked area & rarely visited areas. Analytics software can track your merchandise, seeing what people look through, buy, and touch. You can use that information to rearrange your products or redirect customers.

Video analytics software can also be used to alert intruders. If a camera has speakers mounted on it, you can use it to scare off trespassers and loiterers through remote viewing by playing an automated response. This automated response can be set to trigger when a certain rule has been triggered such as certain individuals loitering. This feature has been instrumental in helping property managers, warehouse safety professionals, parking lot security personal. Video analytics has cut down costs and manpower required for viewing all of the footage manually. You have probably seen cameras with this type of software in them in certain malls that you have visited, those malls have tracked individuals to see where they are going to and track certain other individuals.

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