Chronic Pain Relief With Infrared Light

Infrared light therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce pain symptoms for sufferers of chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia and ME. Infrared light penetrates deep into the body, improving blood flow, relaxing the muscles and soothing bones and joints to provide almost instant pain relief.

Each of the studies discussed below looks into a common chronic condition and how beneficial infrared light was on reducing the symptoms of the disease. Many of the studies noted a reduction in symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression. Some also found that the resultant pain reduction remained consistent for as much as six months, meaning regular infrared treatment could result in permanent reduced feelings of pain for some people with chronic health conditions.

One study found that infrared sauna bathing could have a negative effect on the processing times of people with MS so all the results below have been collected to provide an unbiased view of the pain relieving powers of infrared light for sufferers to make the decisions for themselves.
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