Dealing With Pedestrian Problems And Accident

Walking on pedestrian will never get you close to a safe place. There are fast and moving vehicles you won't know they are coming next to you. According to the Federal Highway Administration, increasing pedestrian safety is important by adding precaution signs to notify people. We are lead by example.  Staying focus is a reminder for both drivers and pedestrian. Like what others say, accidents are everywhere. Hence, distraction is around us. Yes, we will never win in combating with disturbance. But, the best we can do is to keep our eye and ears focus while driving. For the pedestrian, following the rules of the road has a big factor in dealing with the potential accident. Mental alertness can save us when walking alone. You can easily expect what will happen when you stay on lane while the traffic sign tells you the vehicle to stop. Drivers have the responsibility not to entertain distraction to avoid an accident.

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