What can we expect from the future generation of over 60s?

We cannot tell what is going to happen in the future. Both tomorrow and 100 years from now are a mystery. However, this article and infographic from Age UK Mobility explore what the future generation of over 60s might be like. Although we currently have a perception of over 60s, will the millennial generation grow up and change that?

This infographic looks into a range of topics, from smart mirrors to VR, to explore what aspects of millennial lifestyle and what developments are likely to have the largest effect on future over 60s. Looking at technology, entertainment, fashion, health and values and attitudes, it lists some of the key features we should consider when trying to predict the future.

The accompanying article looks more into each category, talking to experts in the fields and getting their predictions and opinions as well. Together, these pieces start to paint a picture of what we may expect from over 60s in 2050 and beyond.

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