Travel the world in 8 cheeses

All across the world, you can find examples of similar things done differently depending on culture, location and more. This is especially the case with food, where people create items depending on what they have readily available to them. This infographic by ROL Cruise, the UK’s No.1 independent cruise specialist, looks at different types of cheese from around the world and how this one simple item can change depending on location.

Exploring Sakura cheese form Japan, paneer from India, halloumi from Greece, mozzarella from Italy, Roquefort from France, Jarlsberg from Norway, cheese curds from North America and queso fresco from Mexico, this infographic gives some great facts about 8 different cheeses.

The accompanying article explores these cheeses in more depth, talking about them with local foodies and suggesting how they are all best sampled when in their home countries.

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