Traffic Status and Behavior of Popular Cities During Peak Hours

If you live in a strategic location or large district where there are a lot of city dwellers, then you’re probably all too familiar with the impact of traffic congestion. With a lot of people getting stuck in traffic, the hours spent translates to lost productivity that can cost a significant amount of money wasted each year. For instance, the worsening traffic in Metro Manila, Philippines amounts to P3.5 billion a day in lost opportunities and productivity.

So, how can this be solved? The thing is, traffic congestion is unpredictable. To solve it, one needs to have a clear understanding of the problem and a thorough examination of its root cause. Until then, commuters and motorists alike can best beat traffic by getting on the road before peak hours.

From the daily road congestions to the extra delay on highways during holiday seasons, chronic traffic can negatively affect the quality of life for pedestrians, commuters, motorists, and everyone residing or working in the metro. To see a clearer picture of the problem, here’s the traffic status and behavior of the popular cities during peak hours with the infographic below. 

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