Amazon Seller Fees 2019

Selling on Amazon can be amazing. Just ship your product to Amazon Warehouses and they do the rest! However, you must keep an eye on fees. They can definitely sneak up on you and kill your profits.

There are new fees for 2019 which may affect your Amazon Business. This infographic details some of the top fee changes for 2019. Most products have an average referral fee of 15%, while some can have up to a 45%! Keep this in mind when pricing your products.

The Amazon Fulfillment Fees, Monthly Inventory Storage Fees and Long Term Storage Fees are critical to your success as an Amazon Seller. All of these need to be carefully considered to ensure profitability. Whether you are an Individual Seller or a Professional Seller, each distinction has a fee advantage. Make sure to evaluate the type of seller you are and select the most appropriate plan based on your business.

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