Swiping Right: How Smartphones Have Changed Relationships

There’s no denying that the arrival of smartphones and online dating has transformed the way we meet and communicate with potential partners. These days, there are hundreds of people available to talk, meet, or more with just a few swipes on your device. The power of the smartphone is a double-edged sword – they are equally capable of bringing communities together as well as driving people apart. It’s estimated that by 2040, 70% of all relationships will begin online, yet 53% of UK adults check their phone while they’re out at dinner – snubbing their present companions in favour for their smartphone.

loveit coverit has compiled independent research from across the UK and the wider world to offer a comprehensive look at how smartphones have transformed our romantic relationships. Our infographic explores the rise in people finding love online, growing communities that have formed around niche dating sites and apps, and how online dating has introduced a new range of problems and safety concerns.

While there are many aspects of online dating that we have not covered, we hope this infographic will provoke a discourse and raise awareness of the positive and negative aspects of online dating.

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