Flooring Options: The Pros & Cons

Sustainability, price, style and ease of maintenance are the top criteria when it comes to choosing the best flooring options for your home or commercial property. We compare Luxury Vinyl Tile, Laminate & Engineered Wood and examine the pros and cons of each to make your decision making process that little bit easier.

Still unsure as to whether LVT is the right option for your home or commercial property? Wondering whether vinyl or laminate is better? What about hardwood and stone? Well check out our infographic below where we have listed the pros and cons of each surface. Save time asking friends and family and researching the difference online as we have compared the properties and qualities of each flooring solution so you don’t have to.

For each category, Durability, Maintenance, Cost, Sustainability & Appearance, we have scored the flooring option out of five according to our professional opinions and experiences.

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