7 Employee Retention Strategies That Companies Must Follow

Employees often quit jobs to find better work opportunities and culture, competitive pay, flexible
schedule, reduce long commute and more. Unfortunately, their employers remain unaware
about employee needs and fail to cater them.

A BLR (Business and Legal Resources) report states that organizations having high employee
attrition face negative financial impact due to excessive cost of recruiting and training a
replacement employee and the overtime work of current employees. Increasing employee
turnover rates and falling business profits impact a company’s bottom line. Thus, employee
retention has become a major concern.

Follow a set of practices designed thoughtfully to help employees stay with the organization for
long term. Conduct surveys to ask employees about their needs and expectations from the

Retention begins with the hiring of new employees. Focus on employee needs, design policies
that make employees happy and content. A lot more can be done to retain top talent. Take a
look at the infographic to learn 7 actionable employee retention strategies to retain top
performers and run the company smoothly.
Infographic Source: https://empxtrack.com/blog/employee-retention/
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