6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp At Any Age

Have you ever been too absent-minded that you couldn't remember what you had just said or where you put the key a few minutes ago? These silly situations happen not only to the adults but also the old and children. Notably, people of the old ages have more chances of tackling this problem because of the aging process. Cognitive decline happens for many reasons such as the brain injury, small stroke, blood circulation, etc. Nevertheless, don’t too worry about that health problem as you can be your doctor if you know how to control your daily life. Some researches show that the memory can be improved a lot by doing the suitable strategies. In this writing, we will give you six easy ways to keep your mind sharp at any age:

1. Be Social
The more open-hearted you are, the more comfortable you can start new relationships and become more confident to communicate with others. Your positive attitude to others will be the strong motivation boosting the mind and removing the stress from work or study, which has a negative impact on the brain. Nowadays, there are many ways for you to decrease the self-esteem issue and make you more sociable. The easiest one is meeting the mutual friends and being more complaisant when accepting the invitations.

With some small conversations, you will gradually find the similar things between you and others, which stimulates the relationship and giving you more confidence when interacting. Notably, when exposing to the good environments, you may find out the suitable pals who understand your feeling, willing to listen to what you're wondering and giving you the best advice. Besides, if you have time, let's take a new hobby. Apart from having more new friends, it is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity as it uses the nervous system a lot. You can also indulge yourself in these activities to unwind after long hour working.

2. Have A Healthy Diet
Diet plays a vital role in the operation of the brain. Poor nutrition is one of the main reasons leading to the memory loss, stroke and other mental diseases. In contrast, if you maintain a healthy diet, you can have an attractive body, keep your mind sharp and prevent the dangerous health problems. Here are the typical foods/vegetables you should consume regularly:

  • Vitamin B: Carrots, avocado, mangoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc.
  • Vitamin E: Blackberries, seeds, nuts, spinach, almonds, kale, etc.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Navy beans, coconut oil, mixed berries, winter squash, leafy greens, etc. 
  • Protein: Bread, cheese, eggs, hummus, turkey, quinoa, etc. 

Besides the nutritious foods, you should avoid some foods which have the negative impacts on the brain system and may contribute to the memory loss. They are:

  • Fast food: Fast food is often deficient in nutrition but high in calories; therefore, if you consume too many fast foods, you will not supply enough essential substances for your brain. 
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can be a way to get rid of stress, but if you drink too much, there will be many side effects. The alcoholic may cause severe damages to the brain, memory as well as the eyesight.
  • Beverages: HFCS, the main component in drinks, can bring about the obesity, high blood pressure, decline in brain function, memory loss and some long-term diseases. 

3. Sleep Enough
There is a famous quote that sleep deprivation is the most common brain impairment. We spend one-third of our life sleeping; hence, you can partly understand the importance of sleep. Having a good sleep will have many benefits in the short term and long-term memory. When you sleep, it is the best time for the body to rest after a long day and the brain to arrange the mind.

Poor sleep can reduce the learning or working effectiveness, cause the cognitive decline and make you feel tired the next morning. According to the experts, for the teenagers and adults, sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day is enough. If you have any problems which have severe impacts on the quality of your sleep, you should follow some healthy habit tips about sleeping on the Internet or go to see the doctor to get the best advice.

4. Do Exercise
Besides having a healthy diet, you should combine with taking the exercise to make your brain and whole body work better. When doing exercise regularly, you can cut down on the amount of the insulin resistance and boost the release of growth factors, which are the adverse chemicals for the brain. Moreover, the sweat released when taking exercise presents the active excreting process of the body, which will increase the appetite and the tight sleep at night.

Although exercising gives us many benefits, people nowadays are too lazy to do. That's the reason why the average life expectancy and the remembering ability decrease a lot in many countries in the world. According to the doctor, people should spend at least 20-30 minutes a day doing exercises. There is no evidence about the best time for exercising, so you can choose the most suitable period of the day to stick with to work out.

5. Keep Learning 
Learning is also a crucial aspect affecting the brain memory. When we learn, it is the time for the brain cells to communicate with one another. No matter how old you are, you always have the right to learn and discover new things. Consider what you like, dislike, your situation, and base on them to start a new learning process. You can bring a book and go to some quiet places to learn such as the local library, park or coffee.

While learning, you should use all of your senses to absorb the information more effectively. For example, if you want to learn a new language, you can combine with listening to the audio and speaking to the foreigners if possible. Moreover, by starting learning new thing, you can widen your relationship. That way will help you improve not only the physical but also the mental health.

6. Do Brain Exercise
Besides doing the workout, you can try some exercises for your brain. Some people think that spending hours playing games is nonsense, but in fact, they help us too much in boosting the brain memory. By thinking about what numbers we should write on the blanks or where we should put the chess, it will grow the dendrites, prevent the Alzheimer’s disease and exercise both sides of the brain. Another exercise for improving the brain memory is writing and reading as much as possible.

When you are free, you can surf the Internet to read some e-newspaper, articles or books. Besides, it is a good idea to write something down such as writing the diary, the made-up stories, etc. Nevertheless, don't force yourself to do these things if you do not like. Let's find the topics you are interested in to read so that you will be into that.

To sum up, these are six easy ways to keep your mind sharp at any age. All contents provided are for informational and educational purposes. If you are facing up with the cognitive decline, besides trying our tips, we recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you.

Author bio:
This guest post is by Emily Pham, a blogger with many years of experience in searching the best natural home remedies for beauty and health issues.

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