5 Essential Elements of Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom is not the end of the world. Sure, there is no replacement for actual square footage but there are quite a few things that you can do to make your small bathroom appear larger. These bathroom design ideas are a wonderful way to overcome the limitations posed by a small bathroom space. While some of these ideas are very cheap, others are more expensive. But overall, every one of these ideas offers excellent value for money.

Many people are put off by the claustrophobic nature of small bathrooms. Mirrors are a great way to overcome this issue. Mirrored and shiny surfaces reflect light and anything that reflects light appears larger. This same principle can be used to make your bathroom look larger and airier. The same can be said for smartly-appointed bathroom storage or light-coloured fixtures and wall paint. You can also save quite a bit of space by combining multiple utilities into a single unit, ala heated towel rails. This makes your existing bathroom radiator redundant and since radiators are bulky units, this move can help you gain a lot of usable space.

Making the most of a small bathroom calls for a big imagination. As such, these five ideas are a great way to fire up your imagination. 

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