Effective inbound marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing is a modern concept, invented and introduced by Brian Halligan. It means the active utilization of tools to attract traffic, paying attention to gratuitous ways regardless of the fact that they take more time. In general, this strategy can be divided into three simple steps:

  • attraction of new visitors to the website;
  • somehow persuade or even coerce them to make some convertible action;
  • analysis of these actions in order to elaborate a perfect strategy.

In general, this approach is very successful and the main goal of the marketing managers is to find the best inbound marketing strategy customized for the goals of their companies. The following essay contains ten inbound marketing strategies that were proven to be useful and effective many times and their application resulted in the attraction of new interested customers.

Blogs: Despite the fact that blogging is one of the oldest tools of content marketing it is nevertheless very effective. According to HubSpot, thanks to blogs they managed to attract 43% of the total number of their customers despite the fact that only 9% of the employees should be engaged in this activity to make it useful and only 7% of the total budget is required.

Emailing: A well-considered emailing strategy on the basis of the database that contains regular customers, one-time customers or potential customers collected by means of registrations or various tricks applied by marketing managers is a perfect way to inform the customers about new interesting offers and keep in touch with them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is another very effective tool of market management with a huge number of serious advantages which enable the user to perfectly modify its strategy. However, despite the quality of the content on the website, you will be able to benefit from it only if somebody will find it by means of Google or other search engines.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):  This is one of the cornerstones of inbound marketing with dozens of directions, tactics, and tools, designed to find the potential customers or interest groups in the Social Media.

Surveys / Analysis: By means of this very method, one can easily find out all the information required to significantly increase the sales since by means of various surveys interested customers can tell what they actually want, what they are afraid of and what qualities of the offered product or services they are looking for.

Webinars: This is a perfect tool for direct communication with the customers or interesting people who are ready to find out more about the product offered and in the future might become the customers. This one helps to win the trust of these people.

Videos: These tactics are widely used by almost all the market managers since multimedia content today is much propagated. It does not mean that textual content is not used anymore. This is just another way to attract new potential customers.

Landing Page: There is nothing new to say about this one. This is a good way of attracting new visitors to convert them into the customers in the future.

Case Studies: A couple of years ago it was one of the most widely used strategies of inbounding but lately, it was substituted with more effective ones. However, well-elaborated case-study is another valuable reason for the customers to use your very company.

Press releases: As well as case studies, they can be an excellent tool being used appropriately. However, its effectiveness dropped sharply with the algorithmic changes provided by Google in 2013.

Pros and Cons of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is well appreciated by the potential customers and significantly increase the conversions compared with the confusing and annoying advertisement of the Outbound Marketing.However, unlike traditional advertising methods, that requires only a certain amount of money to be paid, inbound marketing technologies require a creative approach and sufficient amount of knowledge to use them.

  • The progress and results of Inbound Marketing are fairly simple to monitor and evaluate using software and web analytics services.
  • The incoming advertising campaigns have a higher return on investment co efficient compared with outgoing ones.Incoming marketing techniques both effectively promote products and also contribute to increasing of the trust of the target audience and popularization of the product or service promoted. 

All the above-mentioned tactics might also fail. There is such a possibility. However, as long as you try to customize your approach to work with customers more effectively in order to meet all their requirements and expectations, you will succeed. Choose the most suitable inbound marketing strategy and start your own advertising campaign to attract the new interested visitor. Thus, the traffic of your website will continuously grow and all the interested visitors might turn into regular customers. 

About the author: 
The author who managed to show her awareness of inbound marketing strategies is Melisa Marzett. Her experience and skills allow her to work as a freelance writer at essay writers from sky writing service com. Currently, she is busy completing various writing assignments and you can also use the services she offers.

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