What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is a relatively small niche in the travelling sector and its popularity growing fast on a yearly basis. The origins and history of overlanding is not well known.

We are often asked ""What Is Overlanding?"".

The infographic also addresses other questions like the minimum requirements in terms of skills and gear if someone wants to start doing this type of adventure travel.

This infographic is also supported by a long article on our website.

The topics that are specifically covered, are:

  • where is overlanding coming from as a travel style?
  • famous, bucket list worthy routes
  • early overland adventures
  • comparison of overlanding with other types of similar travel like off-roading and roadtripping. What are the differences?
  • what are the reasons of the recent growth in popularity
  • skills that you need for overlanding
  • essential and non-essential gear list for overlanding
  • principals that you should follow
  • who are the experts in this field.

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