Raising a family and doing Distance education: A real possibility

Going back to the classroom can be a major challenge for majority of men and women, while raising a family at the same time. Whether you are pursuing an MCA degree, an MBA course, or any specialization course in India, higher education can be a boon for the career growth and aspiration of Indians raising a family. However, due to the inflexibility associated with on-campus educational programs in India, many Indians are unable to complete or pursue higher education programs, once they start a family.

Thanks to the growth of distance education like Sikkim Manipal University in India, studying while being a family person is now a real possibility in this country. Distance education, along with the emergence of technology devices, is enabling students, particularly working professionals, to pursue educational programs according to their own time schedule and learning pace.

This article provides tips and suggestions on how you, as a family person, can pursue studies through distance education.

Plan how your distance education course can help you professionally.
Most professionals, after starting a family, opt for a distance education course to advance in their careers or to learn a skill that can help them professionally. Before enrolling, plan on what personal or career outcome you are expecting after completing the education course. Despite their flexibility and lack of commuting, distance education programs still demand your time and commitment, hence require detailed planning.

Speak to your spouse for support.
As a parent, you would need the complete support of your spouse, so that they can take a larger responsibility as a parent. Additionally, speak to your extended family members or friends so that they are prepared to provide you with additional assistance such as baby sitting, or you are unable to pick your kids from the school.

Avail of the flexibility that distance learning programs offer.
Most distance education programs allow you the flexibility to choose your own study schedule. Plan your weekly learning schedule in such a way that you can still spend quality time with your children and your spouse. Depending on whether you prefer to study early morning or late into the night, decide on a study schedule that you are most comfortable with and would be able to follow each day.

Instead of allocating an entire day for your course work, break it down into smaller and manageable tasks, which can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Manage your time effectively.
In addition to developing an efficient time schedule for studying, it is important to prioritize your daily tasks and not try to fit in everything into your day. Allocate time for any emergency situation, but also plan some time for relaxation with your favorite activities.

As compared to the traditional on-campus education model, distance education has enabled many Indians with families to opt for quality education from a reputed distance education university without having to be away from their families. Through some detailed planning and perseverance, distance education can enable you to combine your family life with your professional career aspirations.
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