The Ultimate Guide to Start Youtube Channel ( for beginners )

Youtube needs no introduction. It is a massive video sharing network. People all across the world constantly upload videos every single second. Around 1,300,000,000 minutes of footage is uploaded daily to youtube (massive, isn’t it ?).

It is not even possible for one person to watch the entirety of youtube in single lifetime.

Around 5 billion videos are watched on youtube every single day which makes it one of the best platforms to upload your videos.

If you want to be entertainer, or spread your knowledge around, youtube can be the best platform. If you arrange for an offline standup, it will cost you a good amount irrespective of your location. With so much money spent, your audience would still be limited to how much space you manage to rent.  However, on youtube, you have unlimited audience for your content.

People’s career skyrocketed after their video got viral.

Personally, I didn’t even know Daimaou Kosaka before his viral hit “pen pineapple apple pen”.

Youtube is unpredictable. There is no reason why you shouldn’t give a shot to uploading videos on the platform. But doing so, requires some knowledge.

To get started on youtube, there are certain things that you need to plan beforehand.

1. What type of videos will you make

There are different kinds of videos. Some are voice over videos, some are animations, some are gameplays, some are tutorials, and so on. Figure out what kind of videos you’d be uploading. Whether you’ll show yourself on the camera or add a voiceover to animation, or gameplay or something else.

2. Equipments

Doing youtube isn’t supposed to be expensive.

You can start with your smartphone camera and upgrade on the go.

A lot of people spend a lot of money on purchasing a high quality DSLR. Now, it is not wrong to do so, but you have to put audio quality first. The most important component of a video is actually the audio. A person will be okay if your video is not 4k, or even 1080p, but if your audio is noisy, has a lot of cracks, be ready to get a ton of negative comments.

Human ear is very senstive. A lot of people use earphones while watching videos, and bad audio simply just makes them click another video.

For good audio, you’d require a good microphone. There are tons of them out there, you can pick a decent sounding one for cheap.

Next up you need a set of softwares. You’d need to edit both your audio and video before uploading them to youtube. You’ll also need a photo editing software to make your thumbnails.

For audio editing you can use audacity, it is free and widely used software. For video editing, you can get started with free windows movie maker or imovie if you use mac, and then move on to softwares like sony vegas once you need advanced edits.

Once you have the basics in head, you’ll have to figure out how often will you upload videos, and create a journal to keep track of your ideas in one place.

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