Streamline Human Resources Communication with SMS

Communication between HR and employees in 2018 has to keep up with technology trends. Improve employee communications effectively when you implement text messaging for two-way communication. Text messaging allows employees to ask quick questions no matter where they are, and to respond to HR even when out in the field. With the direct, clear communication that SMS provides, the job of your human resources department becomes much easier.

Send Out Company Wide Reminders Automatically
When you have plans to have a busy 2018 within your company, your employees need to be kept up to date about everything that is going on. Keep your employees apprised of everything going on, sending out reminders automatically when an event is coming up. You can use automated SMS to remind employees about an upcoming open enrollment period, a mandatory training, or for any number of reminders.

Texting Allows for Better Communication
If you have plans for your business to expand in 2018, then communication is going to be paramount to the success of your HR department.  SMS marketing can help with HR communication strategies, providing your HR department with the tools necessary to provide seamless service to your employees. For quick questions, texting can reach an employee whether they are in the field or not. Time sensitive questions can be handled within minutes. Your HR department is going to waste less time trying to track down employees through phone calls and email once text messaging is implemented.

Gather Data From Employees After a Training
When you want feedback after a training, there are better ways than forcing your employees to fill out forms before they can leave. For genuine feedback, send out a survey through text messaging instead. Your employees will have more time to fill out the survey and are more likely to spend more time on it if they aren't trying to finish fast in order to go home. Feedback is essential, and the usefulness of the feedback will depend on how it is collected.

Use Texting to Encourage Collaboration
Once you implement text messaging, encourage your employees to use it when collaborating on a project. Just like with emails, group text messages can be set up so that everyone involved in a particular project receives it. Text messages are read within minutes, and a project with an upcoming deadline needs responses fast. When your employees can use group text messaging to share ideas on a project, this makes it easier for employees to work together.

Text Messaging Makes it Easier to Keep Track of Benefits
One of the biggest jobs for your HR department in 2018 is to keep track of benefits for each employee. From sick time, to vacation requests, managing benefits and time off requires clear communication. When your HR department is able to manage time off request and payroll through text messaging, the process becomes more streamlined. While there will still be moments where a phone call or email are necessary, text messaging can take care of quite a few questions without interrupting the work flow of anyone involved.

To help your HR department for 2018 and beyond, text messaging is the answer. With the ability to send out reminders and ask quick questions, texting gives your HR department the ability to streamline processes. Benefits become easier to administer and payroll questions can be answered in minutes. Texting opens up another avenue of communication that is fast, easy to use and accessible to all employees.

Author Biography: Joel Lee

Joel Lee is the SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases.

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