Public Safety: An Amalgam of Trials, Tribulations, Resolutions & Perceptions

Optimum Security is committed to public safety. This is why they’ve created this insightful infographic to give us a glimpse into the responsibilities of security guards and how they keep us safe.

Security guards give us peace of mind when we go to the bank, attend a concert, and travel. Without security personnel on duty, there is no one watching out for us and our family. In fact, there are only 666,600 police officers versus 1,100,000 private security guards. The police cannot be everywhere at once but with the added security of private guards, we can rest assured that when we leave the house, we’re in good hands.

In addition to crime prevention, security guards keep us safe from terrorist attacks and coordinate evacuations. By maintaining law and order, security guards are able to assess threats and contain them before it’s too late. Security guards are always vigilant and trained to act without fear in the face of danger. Did you even when you see a security guard standing still, they are working hard constantly surveying the area for “red flags”?

In the infographic, you will see how many attacks in public areas have occured, how many burglaries are committed, as well as how technology has evolved in the private security sector.

With drones protecting us from above and security guards protecting us from the ground, we can feel safer knowing that someone is in control of any harmful situation that may occur.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about threats to public safety and what security guards do to keep us out of harm’s way.

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