How To Pick a Really Good Rubbish Removal Service

Have you ever pondered why the human species generates so much rubbish removal when other species don't generate any? Maybe this is due to our big brains and opposable thumbs? Are we so smart, so skilled, that we are literally drowning our own planet with rubbish? Perhaps you can pose this philosophical question at your next dinner party. In the meantime, you're probably in need of a good rubbish removal service, right? Below we give you several tips and valuable insight into how to pick a really good rubbish removal service.

Is the Cost Reasonable?

Reasonable does not mean the cheapest advertised rubbish removal service you can find! In fact, you need to be leery of man and van services that are priced so low it seems too good to be true. In many cases, these ultra cheap services are run unethically. They may not be properly or legally disposing of the waste removal they collect. Instead, they may be fly tipping it! This can end up getting you in legal trouble, in addition to a hefty fine, if the rubbish is traced back to you! So, look for reasonably priced rubbish removal services but not dirt cheap.

Does the Company Offer Same Day Service and Flexibility?

A really good rubbish removal company will work around YOUR schedule. They'll make every effort to respond the day you call them. They'll ask you when a convenient time would be to pick up your rubbish, not dictate to you when they'll be there. The company should also be flexible in other ways. For example, if you tell them your rubbish is upstairs and it's too heavy for you to bring downstairs, they should accommodate you if it is reasonable to do so, i.e. the rubbish is accessible via a normal staircase, not an unsafe rickety attic ladder for example.

Do They Value Your Time and Act Professionally?

A really good rubbish removal company should show all signs that they value your time and your business. You can certainly forgive a rare occasion when a man with a van doesn't get to your place at the scheduled time. There could be a traffic accident that blocks a major traffic route for example. That's forgivable. The man's wife could go into labor. That's also forgivable. However, if there is no call to let you know the status, no one else in the business who can fill in during such an emergency, and being late or missing a scheduled appointment happens more than once, this is probably not a rubbish removal company you want to use again because they are not respecting your time and valuing you as a customer.

Do They Wipe Their Feet and Show Respect For Your Home?

The staff of a good rubbish removal company will be trained to act professionally and wipe their feet before they enter your home. They'll also be trained to remove your rubbish in a way that does not damage your property or your belongings. In fact, they should go out of their way to avoid this. If you actually have to ask them to wipe their feet or not do damage, that's a bad sign and it's probably time to look for a new rubbish removal service.

How Much Do They Reuse and or Recycle?

Does the rubbish removal company take all the rubbish they collect to the landfill or do they go the extra mile to make sure it is reused or recycled as much as possible? We all have to do our part in drastically reducing the amount of rubbish that goes into our landfills. One of the ways you can do this is by carefully selecting your rubbish removal service based in part on this important criteria.

Do They Provide a Waste Transfer Note?

A waste transfer note is a document that details the amount of waste removal and the type of waste that is transferred from one entity to another. It also verifies if the rubbish is being disposed of legally. If an advertised rubbish removal service does not offer you a waste transfer note, or balks at you requesting one, then you should definitely be suspicious of that service. This is a telltale sign they may be planning to fly tip your rubbish. Not only is this unethical and harmful to the environment, it can cost you a fine and legal trouble if the rubbish is traced back to you.

Does the Company Pay Their Employees a Living Wage?

Price isn't everything these days. People want to do business with companies who show social responsibility. One of the most important ways a rubbish removal company can show this is by paying their employees a living wage. These men work hard, and at the end of a hard work day, they should be able to take good care of their families and themselves with what they are paid.

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Don't discount the value of a good old fashioned gut check! If the men from the rubbish removal service you've hired seem rude, cranky, crude, creepy, or even just a little off in some way that's hard to explain, then you should take this human barometer reading seriously. Trust your gut!

Who Do We Think I the Best Rubbish Removal Service In the UK?

That's an easy one. Hands down, it's Clearabee. Clearabee is reasonably priced and they divert more than ninety percent of the rubbish they collect away from landfills. It's one of their core missions in fact. Clearabee always offers a waste transfer note and you can be assured that your rubbish will never be fly tipped if you use Clearabee's services. Their staff is well trained, respectful, and show great care for your property while at the same time respecting your time. There rubbish removal service is also the most flexible in the business. Finally, Clearabee has been independently praised and recognized by the Living Wage Foundation for paying all of their employees a living wage.

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