The Ultimate List of Outsourcing Statistics

Outsourcing services as an industry has been a steady source of income for individuals and organizations in developing countries such as the Philippines since the 1980s.

Elsewhere around the world, outsourcing services have also grown dramatically, as companies looked to hire workers from other nations to save on labor costs.

More and more businesses then opened their doors to outsourcing key business functions—from manufacturing to IT and customer service, with new industries being added to the list of outsourcing sectors over time.

Today, outsourcing is still a major force in global economies, generating billions of money for providers of outsourcing services and their host country. Then again, there are newly emerging technological trends that could affect the future of business process outsourcing—proving that this industry is forever evolving.

For more factual data on the past, present, and future of the business, refer to our ultimate list of outsourcing statistics.

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