Improve Your Website Ranking in 2018

This infographic highlights the key tactics and areas to focus on in 2018 to improve your website rankings in Google and other search engines.

The infographic covers the importance of optimizing the following:

1. User Experience Design
2. Mobile Friendly Website
3. Reviews
4. Linkable Assets
5. Website Speed
6. Keyword Optimization
7. RankBrain

There is an overwhelming number of articles on the topic of SEO tactics to improve website performance in the SERPS. We narrow things down to those 7 elements and provide a short description as to why they are important and will move the needle.

The main take away here is to optimize your website to deliver an outstanding user experience, fast load times, content that is valuable and written conversationally are some of the ingredients to this recipe.

We recommend starting off with 2-3 of these items and really drilling down to improve in that area versus trying to tackle them all at once. If you spread yourself too thin, it's less likely you'll be able to make significant improvements.

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