Why you should have a backlit mirror in your bathroom

When choosing a bathroom mirror, you often have to take into consideration the motif and theme of your bathroom, which can be hard to do when you have so many options to choose from when you’re in the store. Do you get the circular one to contrast your more angular bathroom fixtures? Do you keep that same theme going even for your mirror? What about the size? Do you invest in two mirrors or get one full-sized? Would it fit with the rest of the décor? Do you go for the standard mirror or choose something that has extra perks?

One of the options that you could go for is a backlit mirror, which is starting to gain more popularity especially among makeup enthusiasts and interior decorators. They are essentially standard – often frameless – mirrors fitted with LED lights at the back (outlining the perimeter) that illuminate the view without having an intrusive glare on the reflection itself.

But why should you have a backlit mirror in your bathroom? Is it as promising as others make it out to be? Find out with this infographic by Accent Art and Frame.

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