Travel Meets Minimalism: an Essential Packing Guide

Packing for a vacation can be overwhelming, especially when it's around the holidays. True, a vacation is something to eagerly anticipate and even dream about, but as the departure date gets closer, it can become very frantic. There are, however, strategies that you can utilize to help you feel less overwhelmed when packing. One tip that is listed on every travel information guide is to pack early. Yes, putting away all your favorite clothes several weeks ahead will make the transition easier. Don't forget to pack with the weather in mind—don't throw all your summer clothes in if your destination will be cold by the time you arrive. 

Another travel essential is to use a list. There will be a million little things going on in that head of yours, and it can be quite overwhelming to remember all. Make jottings of all the important things you'd like to do. Of course, there's a whole lot more to consider. This infographic will highlight all the essentials necessary while packing for your next vacation.

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