Laws That Apply To Bicyclists

A bike is a valuable and very useful thing and has invariably been an item that a great part of the world’s population possesses. While in the past it was just utilized by kids more as a toy to play with when going outside, these days it is utilized by individuals to get to school, work or any other place in the city. This means that in order to stay safe, they also have to know the fundamental traffic rules for bicyclists, which are shown in this infographic.

Having a driver’s license can be useful if you decide to use the bicycle as a daily mean of transport. Knowing how to drive a car makes it easier to understand how to ride a bike safely on public roads.
Moving around the city on two wheels can be truly troublesome, especially because most of the time it includes not just cycling but also walking, being extra careful and respecting the safety rules, of which the simplest and the most important are the following:

  • Wear a helmet anytime you go out with the bicycle
  • Stay focused
  • Make yourself visible to the other traffic participants

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