The Rise of Online Marketing in the Philippines

Social media has become a major influence that affects many business processes such as recruitment and marketing. In the latter’s case, social media is a leverage for businesses to do more than just market their brands to their customers. It has also opened lines of communication that allowed businesses to listen and make a genuine connection with their customers.

One effective way of growing businesses that’s gaining popularity in the Philippines is online marketing. Many thought leaders and digital entrepreneurs are preaching the wonders of online marketing in the local scene, and this trend is creating a workforce that specializes in using the social media to mold marketing into a personalized, engaging way for businesses to reach its current and potential customers.

This infographic gives a primer on online marketing in the Philippines, and why it’s a worthy investment for businesses. It also lists down the advantages of a business using online marketing over traditional methods such as cheaper costs, customizable campaigns, and a clear overview of what works and what doesn’t.

In addition, the different facets of online marketing such as SEO, analytics, and conversion rate optimization make online marketing a competitive edge for local businesses to grow their businesses faster.

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