OBD2 Scanners Buying Guide

On Board Diagnosis systems for cars are not a new thing in the auto industry. Quite often, a light will appear on your dash to alert from ongoing potential car issues. This light is used to signal a problem with the vehicle's pollution control system. Depending on the defects there are several modes of operation possible:

On permanently: a fault affecting pollutant emissions has been detected and confirmed by the computer. The vehicle can continue to roll ...

a fault which could cause the destruction of certain vehicle components has been detected. In this case, it is strongly recommended to stop the vehicle very quickly. This mode is accompanied most of the time by a passage of the vehicle in degraded mode (limitation of the speed and the power).

Fugitive: a fault has been detected, but the system has not confirmed the presence of the error. The seer thus extinguishes itself.

Off: In the latter case, no pollution-related faults are active. It does not mean that no fault is present. Some of them have very little influence on the functioning of the vehicle as a malfunction of the glow plugs as we described in our example of OBD2 fault repair.

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