How to select headphones for youself

How can I select a single good headphones pair out of the hundreds in front of me?

That was the question which I asked myself every time I go to local headphones store. 

I used this excuse every time I bought a new headphones pair and after finding it's of low quality.

I am pretty sure you have had this problem too, at some time. The fact that there are some many options in headphones market -- in terms of size, functionality and technical specs -- that a newbie can easily be overwhelmed. 

Considering this, we have published an infographic that you can read in order to choose headphones. Information given in this infographic is fairly simple and easy to understand. It also discusses some of the technical jargons related to headphones such as Sensitivity, Impedance, Sound Stage etc. I hope it'll help you understand more about headphones so that you choose better ones next time

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