17 Absolute Reasons to Prefer Study Abroad Over Study in Home Country

Study abroad is a practice to sending our students to some foreign country in order to fill them with wisdom and other valuable skills while contributing towards their conventional studies (regular degrees). And there's nothing new if you think it is, rather this custom is quite a bit old. For instance, an ancient Chinese King sends his son Prince Tai far away from his kingdom to the great master Pan Ku in order to get some education. The king simply could have called the master Pan Ku in his Palace. And could have ordered to stay in the royal residence until the completion of Prince Tai's education. But what makes you think why he didn't do that? The logic behind current day's study abroad programs is just the same. It is to make our youth duly skillful, wise and able to combat the new and worst situation or scenarios after completing their studies. And this infographic helps in identifying the chief areas where study abroad adds a huge value in return and is highly preferable over studying staying in the home country.

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