How to Make Performance Reviews Accurate and Meaningful?

Managers and employees fear performance reviews.

55% of employees believe that appraisals are ineffective use of time, and they are inaccurate and meaningless when it comes to employee development and performance improvement.

Giving feedback continuously is necessary. Experts say that absence of feedback and development programs become major reasons for failure of aperformance review process. Managers often ignore the need to conduct frequent performance conversations with their team members. As a result, employees remain unaware of their weaknesses and show no improvement in performance.

In this infograph, you will find suggestions to make performance reviews more meaningful, accurate and relevant for employees. Automation of appraisal process has been simplified with advances in HR technology, and organizations are adopting automated tools to streamline the process and bring in the change.

Automation of appraisal makes it possible to document employees’ performance throughout, capture achievements continuously, identify areas of improvement and get deeper insights on employee data. This helps in decision making during appraisals.

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