Understanding the Most Common Radiologic Technologies

This infographic focuses on the most commonly used radiologic technologies and how to better understand them. Due to the United States continuing to age and the field of radiologic technology growing, the need for imaging continues to rise. The field is destined for growth, allowing for a large amount of opportunity and innovation for the next 20 years. The infographic features several types of technology. The X-Ray which is the oldest and most common form of medical imaging. Next is the CT; Computed Tomography or CT Scan followed up with The MRI; Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The differences between each of these pieces of tech and their function is next discussed. The Ultrasound and the PET; Position Emission Tomography are also discussed. The infographic breaks down what injuries or diseases are diagnosed based on the piece of equipment. It digs down into the levels of accuracy regarding the piece of equipment. Lastly it goes into where the future of radiation science is headed!

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