Things To Consider Before Buy Water Heater - Gas Vs Electric Water Heater

Water heaters play an important role at the time of cold weather. But along with the growth in technology, there is a huge development noticed in the water heaters as well. There are basically two types of water heater, Gas & electric. The present infographic explains perfectly the difference between both of them and which should be preferred according to your requirement.

As we know the fact that heating the water is the second largest expense in our home as it consumes 14-18% of our electricity bills. So to overcome this loss of electricity, there are certain steps taken by the water heater suppliers as well as government, .ie. they manufactured water heaters working with the help of gas rather than electricity, so that the customer can have a cheaper option for heating the water.

Check this out and figure out which of them should you purchase for your home and shop the one today!.

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