Global Statistics Shaping Recruitment Trends

Social media is not just a way to connect with families and friends. It has been a necessary tool in connecting networks of professionals and making business collaborations possible on a global scale.

The infographic from ThisWay Global below shows the effects of the modern use of social media in the modern workplace. It is divided into five parts:

The first part shows the top countries with the highest growth in hiring all over the world, topped by India, Mexico, and some countries in Southeast Asia.

The second part shows how smart phones have become an integral part of the application process.

The third part briefly shows the effects artificial intelligence (AI) can have on the economy.

The fourth talks of considerations that job applicants make when deciding whether to accept a job such as age group, race, and ethnicity.

Lastly, it concludes with how social media has become a part of the whole process of the recruitment process—from the first point of contact online to keeping an active presence on social media.

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